ClockIt has a comprehensive leave and PTO accrual system. This automatically updates the PTO and leaves earned by employees and users.

If you happen to join ClockIt midway from the year or are coming from another platform, you will need to manually adjust the leave balances in order to continue where you left off.

Example: If you have an annual leave setup for 12 days a year and accrue monthly, the user or employee is going to get 1 day per month. If you allow the user to carry forward the unused leave of last year then this year they will have an additional 12 days assuming that no leaves were taken the last year. If you joined ClockIt in January you will need to enter this 12 days as an entitlement and from January on ClockIt will automatically calculate the balcens.

Use the leave entitlement feature to manually update the leave balance for you users and employees.

Based on the Groups and Permissions you may have options to see this view and make entries.

Go to the employee profile that you are looking to update the leaves for.

To make an adjustment to a leave type,

  1. Enter the comment, the leave you are looking to modify.

  2. Select the leave type.

  3. Enter your adjustment, you can enter both positive and negative values.

  4. Enter the date when this adjustment should be available.

  5. Click ADD and verify the leave balance.

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