ClockIt allows you to set the weekly overtime. For example, you can set this to 40 hours a week and any number of hours over 40 for that week will be calculated and displayed additionally in your payroll report.

You can access this feature from Company > Manage Overtime

Note: You will need the Manage Overtime permission to make changes to this settings.

By default, the weekly overtime is set to 40 hours for each of your sites. You can have only one weekly overtime setting per site. To edit the default value click on the edit icon and update your weekly overtime hours.

Once updated, the weekly overtime will show in the attendance reports under the Overtime Column > Weekly Overtime.

The weekly overtime is calculated every 7th day from the start date that is set on the date picker.

When collapsed the weekly overtime will be summed up. For example, if you run a 2 week pay period, you will have 2 weekly overtime values calculated and summed up.

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