To install the ClockIt bot in Zoom, goto chat in the zoom window and click on the + under apps. 

You will be redirected to the Zoom Marketplace page. Next search for ClockIt and click install.

Authorise the ClockIt to be integrated with Zoom.

Next use your ClockIt account to sign in to complete the integration of Zoom with your ClockIt account.

The final step is to complete the ClockIt and Zoom connection.

At any stage if you need help, you can reach support from the bottom chat.

Once the bot is ready to use, it will show in your apps section with a green dot.

To clock in simply use the command "punch" and to clock out use the same command "punch" again. If you are taking a break you can always punch out and punch back in once done. ClockIt will calculate all the in between punches as breaks and will add them.

To know the status of you punch, simply type "status"

To sign out and sign in, use "sign out" and "sign in" commands respectively. 

To uninstall the ClockIt bot, go to Zoom Marketplace and look for the ClockIt app under installed apps.

Now click on uninstall and follow the steps.

In case you are still have question please feel free to use the chat support on the bottom right of this page. We will revert with an hour to help you with this integration. 

If you would like to talk to us, use this link and schedule a call with us.

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