ClockIt supports setting pay periods. This means you can easily select the start date and the end date for the current pay period. You can also have multiple pay period settings and choose any one for the reports you need. 

To create your pay period navigate to Company > Pay Period

Next select the site where you need to create the pay period and click select.

Click on the Add New button to create the template and then input your settings.

Name your period period. This is the name that would show on all the reports. 

ClockIt support the following payroll frequencies. Weekly, Every 2 weeks, Every 4 weeks. and Monthly.

Set your last payroll date and save your settings.

Turn on your payroll period to enable it across all reports. 

Use the actions column to edit or delete your payroll period.

Once the pay period has been set, you will be able to see it in reports when you click on date picker. 


You will need the following permission if you need to have access to this page.

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