The best way to explain this is with an example. Imagine a salesman that starts his/her typical day at 9:00AM in the morning and ends it at 5:00PM in the evening. He or she may have meetings, deliveries etc with potential customers and clients. 

So this is how ClockIt time clocks apps would help in accurately capturing this. 

The salesman punches in at 9:00AM. 

Every meeting can then be checked into and can be checked out of once done. The salesman also has the option to upload photos and add comments to each of his/her checkins. 

At the end of the day the salesman can punch out at 5:00PM. 

Now as an admin you will be able to see the work duration from punch in to punch out and also all the checkins with the duration for each checkin. 

Note: All punches and checkins have GPS and photo captures that you as an admin can view on your admin account. 

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