ClockIt will always check the local time zone of your computer and compare it with the timezone that is set on your account. This is done so that no time calculation goes wrong when you look at data fo your team from the same timezone or a different timezone. 

Setting the timezone correctly on your account is also important for ClockIt to know if DST (Daylight Saving) is to be enabled or disabled on your account. 

If you see this message on your account. Follow these steps to ensure that your timezone is set correctly.

Check your site timezone settings in ClockIt. Go to Company > Manage Sites and click on edit. Ensure that you belong to the same site.

Make sure you set the timezone correctly from the dropdown. 

ClockIt also allows you to set the timezone for each individual user. To verify your timezone setting. Go to Company > Manage User and click on the edit button against the user.

Scroll down to the timezone section and you can check the timezone for this user. 

After you save your changes you must hard refresh your browser by clicking on the refresh button next to the URL bar or log out and log back in.

You must also ensure that your system time in your Windows or Mac computer is set correctly. Since ClockIt will verify the time of your computer to that of the time zone set on your profile, they both must match for the banner to go away. 

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