A correction request ensures that users punches are approved before its recorded into the time sheets and reports. A correction request can be approved either for today or even past days when a user raises the request. 

All punches captured on ClockIt work in realtime for mobile, web, slack and kiosk. The biometric device works in a slightly different way. The device will record all the punches form all users and send it to ClockIt in intervals of 30 mins. 

Device connectivity issues or delayed data polling.
Imagine that your biometric device configuration has changed or has some network related issue due to which ClockIt cannot connect to it to pull out the data. It is common for users to start raising correction requests as they wouldn't be seeing their data on their profile. But once the device is back online, ClockIt will pull all the data. Because of this the days where a correction request is raised will have the approved correction request as well as the biometric punches. 

Care must be taken to ensure that your biometric data is synced before approving correction requests. 

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