ClockIt polls your biometric device at regular intervals and retrieves all punch data. If you have many users registered on the device or have been saving all your data on the device for a long time, the sync will start to slow down. 

The cause of this is that your biometric device always gives ClockIt the complete set right from the day that the device had been logging punches. So naturally, over time the data grows larger.

This eventually will slow down your device as it has to prepare a large data set to be submitted and chances are that the ClockIt polling server will timeout if the device is unresponsive for long. Moreover, data consumption will gradually increase as bigger packets of data will need to be transferred every single time.  

Fortunately, there are ways to keep this in check. 

If you feel that your data is being delayed, check to see if your device port is open and can be pinged. 

NOTE: There have been known cases where the port forward would show up correctly but the data sync would fail. These issues can be easily fixed by simply rebooting the device. 

Depending on your device make model and firmware you can either set up automatic attendance data cycling or you will need to do this manually. 

Automatic Data Cycling
In your device look for an option that allows you to cycle attendance data. You will need to set the maximum number of records that the device should hold. The device will operate a queue that will push out the oldest data. 

For Example: If you have 100 users that punch IN and OUT daily and want to retain the data for 1 week, set the value to 100 * 2 * 7  = 1400.

Your device will automatically discard data that is older than 1 week. 

Goto your biometric device admin page by logging into the hardware and navigate to 

System > Attendance > ATT CYCLE LOGS

Enable this option and set a custom value of 999 (MAX). 

NOTE: If you are unable to find this option, you will need to manually cycle the data in the device.

Manual Data Cycling
Wait for ClockIt to pull all data and ensure that no more punches are going to be registered thereafter. Clear the attendance logs from the device.

Clearing the device data logs using your ClockIt account.

Go to Company > Manage Zones and Devices

Click on the clear logs button in the actions column. You will need to make sure that your device is online. If not ClockIt will not be able to clear the device.

If you would like to clear the device logs automatically after a successful sync then enable "Clear device logs after data sync."

We highly recommend not crossing 2 months worth of data as this might start to cause sync issues.
By clearing your attendance data on your device, ClockIt will not delete this data from your account unless you delete the user.
Although your device might have a very high storage capacity for the attendance logs, it tends to stress when this data needs to be transferred. 

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