Time Performance Index (TPI)

TPI is a measure of how much time employees are spending in the organization. For example, if an employee is supposed to work for 8 hours a day and works for only 4 hours, he or she would get only 50%. This number is for your company as a whole. 

On the dashboard, you can drill down to find out which sites and employees contribute the most to the TPI or simply the total number of hours.

Process Error (PE)

Process error is the variance in time that an employee clocks in from the defined process of the company. For example, if an employee was supposed to be at work at 9:00 AM and has turned up at 12:00 PM, he has contributed a 50% error into the process. 

Again this is for your entire company and can be drilled down by clicking on this value from the dashboard. 

If your organization does not have strict PUNCH IN and PUNCH OUT times. Then this value can be ignored.

Note: Both TPI and PE are calculated from the Time Templates. Know more about Time Templates.

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