You can navigate to the tracker view from My Profile > Tracker from the top right or from the left menu in your profile.

The tracker view will show all activity that is captured from the mobile apps. Tracking activity is captured per day and you can select the day using the date picker on the top right. 

If no mobile activity is captured for that day, no data found will be displayed on this view. 

The numbers indicate the checkin locations and the corresponding cards will show more information on the checkin. 

The checkin cards can be seen below.

Each card contains the checkin time, checkout time and the total time spent at the location if there is a checkout recorded. 

The card also says if this checkin is against a ROUTE or OUT OF TURN. 

Along with the checkin you can also see the notes and photos updated by the user.

If you have the permissions to delete a checkin you can click on the delete button and discard the checkin.

Street View

If Google Street View is available in your country, you can drag the yellow man icon on top of the map and view the actual street.

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