ClockIt will work perfectly even if you only need to track the work duration and does not require employees to PUNCH IN and PUNCH OUT as per the defined times. 

If you do not schedule your employee, ClockIt will simply calculate the total hours from the IN time to the OUT time and will calculate the breaks as and when they clock out and clock back in. If you do not follow strict times, you can ignore the time templates and scheduling and allow your users to clock in clock out as they normally would in any time clock. 

Having a time template will allow you to supercharge your reporting. For example, by telling ClockIt the expected IN time and OUT time, you can run early/late reports, set rounding rules to your time, notifications etc.

Click here to find out more about time templates

Once you create your time templates, you will need to schedule them for your employees. Here is a quick guide for this. Scheduling and Shifts

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