Select the date range from the top right to load data of the required days. By default, the last 30 days is selected.


The summary will always show data for the date range selected.

Total Hours Worked

The total hours worked is the sum of all hours that you have punched in excluding your calculated breaks as per the punch algorithm.

Note: This value changes as per the date range selected.

Total Hours Required 

This is the total required hours as per your time template. This excludes holidays and weekends.

Note: This value changes as per the date range selected.

Today’s Summary

These are real-time tickers that show the current checked in time and break time for today. These are the same as the tickers on the header of the page. 

NOTE: These values are for today and not affected by the date picker.

IN Time

This is the total IN time.


This is the total break time. This value will change only if your company tracks breaks. If not it will remain fixed.


This is the sum of the IN Time and the BREAK.


This is the total required work time as per your shift. 

Today’s Feed

The today's feed shows all the punches that are captured for today and where they originated from. In addition to this you can also see the photos captured from the mobile or kiosk apps in this view. Since these devices have GPS functionality each mobile or kiosk action will be paired with the GPS location that can be viewed on Google Maps.

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