ClockIt supports several ways to capture a punch. Punches captured will be processed with the algorithm selected. The algorithm to be used can be specified at the time of time-template creation. Know more about Time Templates. You can see the status of your punches in your profile under the Today View > Feeds. Know more about the Today View.

Note that ClockIt will always need a minimum of two punches to calculate the work duration. An IN punch and an OUT punch. If there is only one punch for the day ClockIt will treat this as an error. Know more about errors and how to correct them.


To punch in using the web, login into ClockIt and hit the punch button on top. This button will be visible only if your admin has enabled Web Punch for you. Web punch can also be whitelisted such that it will function only when you are logging in from a specific IP.

If you are logging in from the correct location and still find the button missing, wait for 1 minute and try again. This is usually because your IP has refreshed and ClockIt is retrieving the new whitelisted IP from the whitelisted DDNS domain.


Login into the mobile app with your email address and password.

To punch using the mobile app click on the PUNCH IN button from the left menu. To punch OUT, click on the same button once again. 

NOTE: You will not be able to log in if your admin had not given you access to login via the mobile app. 

Biometric Time & Attendance Machine

To punch using the biometric machine, you can use your registered fingerprint, RFID card, PIN or facial recognition. Depending on the features enabled by your admin, you can PUNCH. Any punches captured on the biometric device will reflect on your account in 30 mins. 


To punch using Slack enter the commands /clockit punch to check the status of your punch enter the command /clockit status.

You can enter the commands into any channel or even to yourself.  If you would like to let your team know when you punch IN and OUT, we recommend using the channel. 

IMPORTANT: For the slack punch to work as expected, your Slack email that you use to log in must be the same email that is registered with ClockIt. 

For Example, If John Doe is logging into Slack using then his ClockIt account email must also be

iPad and Android Kiosk

You can use our iPad or Android apps as a punching terminal. The kiosk app supports QR code scanning and PIN authentication to identify users. More over the app also captures photos at time of punching.

You can also set geo fences for your app and track locations where the punch came in from.

Know where to download our kiosk apps.

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