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ClockIt allows you to set pre-defined templates for Leaves, Business Travel and Correction requests. A template is an optional dropdown setting at the time of applying for any of the following.

  1. Leaves

  2. Business Travel

  3. Correction Requests.

By using templates, you can create dynamic HTML 5 rich forms with predefined requirements for data collection. This will ensure that you have a fixed format for all incoming requests. 

Note: Request templates are site specific. Please ensure you have the right site selected before proceeding. 

Create Template

To create a template, select the site where you want to create templates. You can now see that there will be 3 sections for each type. Click on the plus (+) button to add a template.

PRO TIP: It’s a good idea to name your templates as codes. For example, a leave request template for Sick Days may be called SD-01. This makes it easy for employees to use it as a reference.

Enter your template name, a short description for future reference and build your template using the form editing tools available. Once done, click on save and your template should be ready to use.

Edit Template

To edit a template, click on the pencil icon next to template. Any edits done will be available only from the next use of the same template. All previous templates used will remain unchanged. 

Delete Template

To delete a template, click on the red bin button next to the template to delete it. Any request templets used till date will be retained. 


Company Management > Manage Templates

This permission will enable this view for users. 

Company Management > Delete Templates

This permission will allow this user to delete templates. 

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