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A holiday is defined as a day when employees are not required to work. Hence ClockIt will calculate a TPI of 100% and PE of 0% for any person works on a holiday. Any hours worked will be added towards the overtime hours. 

A holiday will be shown on the employee profile under the punch calendar. You will also be able to see the holidays under the leave calendar.


Holidays are site specific. 

If leaves are applied that overlap a holiday, then the holiday will not be deducted from the leave balance.

If a holiday is added for past days then the TPI and PE will be calculated for those days once again. 

If a holiday is added or deleted and this holiday happens to overlap with an employee’s approved leave, the equivalent leave units will be restored for the user. This may cause the balance to go to negative. 

The equivalent leave units will be calculated as per the weights specified for your leaves. 

Add New Holiday

To add a new holiday, click on the Add New. Make sure that you have selected the right site before adding the holiday. 

Enter the holiday name. This will be visible to users. Next enter the from and to dates. If the holiday is for a single day, then the from date and the to date will be same. 

CAUTION: Care should be taken so that multiple holidays do not fall on the same day. For instance, if an employee happens to have multiple holidays and a leave/vacation overlap, 2 units will be considered for any computation if there are 2 holidays that overlap.

Holiday List

The holiday list is a list of all holidays. This list will be visible under the leaves pages for all users. This list will be filtered as per the leave period settings in the company settings page. 


Company Management > Manage Holidays

This permission will enable this view for users.

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