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ClockIt allows you to group users and assign permissions to each set of Groups. 

For Example, An Admin Group may have access to all features. Whereas the HR Group may have access to only reporting. 

Note: You can also manage the email subscriptions of all emails that are being sent to users from the groups and permissions. 

It’s always a good idea to plan your groups based on the permissions and then assign users. You can always move users between groups and create as many groups as you wish. 

IMPORTANT: It must be noted groups are company specific and not as per the site. So carefully plan your groups from the start. You can always start with the Admin Group and the Employee Group and improve your settings over time.

CAREFUL: Updates to the groups and permissions will reflect for users on a hard refresh or the next time they log in.

Create Group

To create a group click on the Add New button, name your group and then save.

After you create a group, select the group from the Groups to load all the associated permissions for that Group.

You should be able to see all the permissions related to that group. To quickly view the employees that belong to the group, click on the employee count.

You can also change the group that an employee belongs to from this view by selecting the group from the dropdown.

NOTE: All articles cover the respective permissions that are used for the respective feature.


Permissions Management > Manage Permissions for Groups.

This permission will enable this view for users. 

Permissions Management > Allow this user to manage groups and permissions.
 This permission allows users to make changes to groups and permissions.

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