Manage Sites

A site is a business location. For Example, a site may be HQ, Warehouse etc. Every employee belongs to a site. Employees can only be a part of one site and cannot belong to multiple sites. With sites, you can also run custom reports that are specific to sites using the Dynamic Reports.   

Note: A site can only be deleted if all the users of that site have been moved to another site.

You can manage all your sites from Company > Manage Sites. By default ClockIt will create a Default Site for you when you sign up.

 A site also defines the time zone that it belongs to. The default time zone is the one that is detected at the time of signup.

To create a new site, click on the add new button. Give your site a name, the time zone that it belongs to and define what time emails should be sent to the admins regarding important site notifications.

To edit or delete a site, use the following action button. 


Company Management > Manage Sites

This permission will enable this view for users. 

Company Management > Delete Sites

This permission will allow this user to delete a site.

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